Sustainability Mantra

Sustainability: (def) The Capacity to Endure

We are one planet. By 2050 the world’s population is estimated to equal 10 billion. Reducing our ecological footprint and setting solid groundwork for future generations is crucial. At Mansouri Living, we are always conscious of our actions, innovative in our approach, artistic in our delivery and holistic in our commitment to forming communities and lifestyles. For us, sustainability is a way of life – rooted in a committed foundation of respect for the built environment. The Perry has been designed with the commitment to promote sustainability through Four Realms of Sustainability. Truly holistic living occurs when these realms are integrated and co-exist harmoniously.


Health of Body, Mind and Spirit

The individual is the nucleus of the sustainability mantra at The Perry. Without a healthy self, in the areas of the body, mind and spirit, “the capacity to endure” is not possible. This is why we have integrated over 2500 sq.ft. of a high-end Fitness and Wellness Center on the second floor of the building, with private access off Pears Avenue from the early stages of envisioning the development. This commercial space is an oasis in the heart of the city. Each resident at The Perry will have one of the world’s best destinations for healthy living right at their doorstep in a beautifully appealing and motivating environment.


The Suites: Conservation (Energy and Water), Longevity (Future Generations)

The home is an investment that must endure; it should be designed with future generations in mind and so developers are responsible to consciously design and build. The Perry is being built to green building standards of high performance with an exceeding expectation of 26% energy savings relative to a standard condominium building.

Suites are designed with the utmost attention to high quality materials and technical innovation for a long lasting life-cycle as well as maximum efficiencies and energy savings. Each suite will be equipped with low-flow plumbing fixtures, central high efficiency heat pump systems to provide year round comfort heating and cooling with 7day/24 hour programmable temperature control thermostats and will be further enhanced with a dedicated exhaust and ventilation energy recovery system designed to maintain quality indoor air while recovering the energy from the conditioned exhaust air from the suite. Suites will also include switched power outlets known as “green plugs” connected to an all-off switch, local dimming controls, LED or linear/compact fluorescent energy efficient lighting, including the terraces wall sconces, rough-in for motorized shades and controls as well as individually metered hydro.


The Building: Materials and Waste Management

Beyond the extent of the individual suites, sustainability is eminent in the overall building at The Perry, ensuring that as a community, respect towards the environment is maintained.

To begin, as developers, a number of measures are taken by Mansouri Living to ensure sustainability throughout the construction process: (1) A plan for erosion and sedimentation control is enforced to reduce the impact of construction on local air and water ways. (2) Construction waste is collected and sorted off-site so that materials can be diverted from landfill. (3) An indoor air quality plan during construction is utilized to eliminate contamination from any construction related debris.

Much of the construction material at The Perry was selected to have a high recycled content to conserve natural resources, with no compromise in quality of materials. In addition, a high percentage of construction materials are manufactured locally where possible, such as the window wall, to reduce transportation emissions associated with transporting materials to site, while supporting local economy.

There will also be a sealed tri-sorter garbage chute for residents to dispose waste separately, allowing garbage to be separated into organics, recycled, and waste. This feature will support the diversion of material from landfill. The underground parking garage has been designed so that each parking spot has a dedicated outlet for electric car charging. The underground garage will also have LED lighting and occupancy sensors to ensure that the building’s hydro load remains at a minimum. Furthermore, all interior finishing like paint, coatings and site-applied adhesives are selected to have low or zero VOC emissions. Green label certified cleaning products will be used in maintenance activities to promote a healthy environment.


Site & Context

At The Perry, car-free living is encouraged. Conveniently located in the heart of Toronto, a block away from Ramsden Park and steps away from the iconic intersection of Avenue Road and Davenport, it is easy to access any part of the city on foot or on bike. We promote using your bicycle with easy bicycle storage both at grade and on P1 of the underground garage. The Perry is also within walking distance to Toronto’s most prestigious shopping destinations in Yorkville and on Bloor Street. It is also located near key transit routes with pedestrian accessibility. Rosedale Subway Station can be reached within a 5 minute walk. Ideally accessible by foot to many schools, The Perry is located within walking distance to Rosedale Junior Public, De La Salle, Branksome Hall, The York School, Cuttingham Junior Public, Rosedale Day School, and Huron Street Junior Public. See our neighbourhood map for more of the exciting dining, retail and services surrounding your new home.